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ecofirendly biodegradable tank cleaning agent based on wetting agents & surfactants, free from acid, solvent or alkaline, used to clean zink coated tanks and hydrocarbon free cleaning , used  for removal of vegetable, fish and animal oils and fats where alkaline product cant be used. 


 Especially developed for the removal of vegetable, animal and mineral oils as well as fats where cleaning with ALKACLEAN  is not possible. Suitable for cleaning tanks coated with zinc-silicate and all common metals.


Tank Clean eco VLC is one of the most powerful tank cleaner ever developed, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and completely biodegradable, Very concentrated used with less than 0.6%, compared to tank clean neutral HCF its more than four times stronger Blend of surfactants which make strong neutral degreasing agent for removing vegitable oil, animal oils and fats, Neutral cleaning product based on highly efficient dissolving and low foaming nonionic surface-active agents, Especially developed for the removal of cargo tanks from hydrocarbons. It also can be used for general cleaning of lube oils and petroleum chemicals, Suitable for cleaning tanks coated with zinc-silicate and all common metals including stainless steel, its also suitable for removing all Annex II Cargoes.


Tank Clean VLC can be used to clean the cargo tank of vegetable, fish, animal and mineral oils, petroleum based chemicals, hydrocarbon freeing of cargo tanks and for the cleaning and degreasing of double bottoms, deep tanks, bilges etc