UniClean America  - Leader in marine chemical -USA


 Heavy duty degreasing agent based on hydrocarbon solvent , surfactant & wetting agent, used to remove & clean oil & grease from double bottom tanks


Strong emulsifying cleaning agent for the removal of heavy crude oil, soot, asphalt and carbon black stains, by direct injection, Seaclean  method,spraying and/or recirculation method. Based on aliphatic / aromatic hydrocarbons and non-ionic / anionic surface-active agents, seaclean is safe to use on common metals.


based on 100% natural ingredients, formulated as replacement of traditional solvents as as petrluem & mineral spirits, its chlorinated solvents free, low toxic compared to seaclean, high flash point solvent cleaner, used to remove & clean oil & grease of animal & vegitable & black tar, distillation residues, asphlats & resins from double bottom tanks & bilges.