UniClean America  - Leader in marine chemical -USA


concentrated alkaline cleaner with high foam agent mianly used for pet coke remover,  Cost effective, non- flammable, biodegradable, water based heavy duty alkaline cleaner for removal of oily stains from such cargoes as pet coke and coal. Also contains a specialized blend of synthetic surfactants which allow for more cling time to cargo hold surfaces.


Aquatuff High Foam is specially developed for cargo hold cleaning of MARPOL Annex II Cargoes.


 Strong alkaline liquid degreasing agent for removal of vegetable, fish and animal oils and fats from epoxy / polyurethane coated or stainless steel tanks by injection or circulation method, can be used also to clean pet coke, caked grease, carbon stains,  Thorough saponification and emulsification provides economic  removal of vegetable and animal oils, Can be used on most common metals except aluminum, tin, zinc and galvanized metals, Safe to use on epoxy and polyurethane coatings but it is not suitable for use on zinc silicate coatings, most paints and lacquers. Deodorizes certain residues.


heavy duty alkaline cleaner, based on concentrated Blend of pootasium hydroxide, wetting agent & surfactant , mianly used for soot removal , inert gas soot, oil contamination, can also be used  for removal of vegetable, fish and animal oils and fats.


sodium hypochlorite based product used as bleach, disinfecting the tanks & killing germs & bacteria , it will eliminate bad odors, clean the tank from mineral oils and pet cokes.